Jul 192009

At the end of the fourth day we made the trek from the coast to Lincoln, ME.  We got in, got our room and journeyed out to my mother-in-law’s camp on Combolasse Pond.  It may be a pond by Maine standards, but definitely a lake by California standards.

I say this every year, but I could really do with a place up here.  This is my ideal – an adirondack chair on a floating platform that I could swim out to and nobody could get to me.


Two weeks later I could swim in and be at peace with the world.  That, of course, isn’t reality.  What I did do was pull Shannon and a neice in their boat behind a kayak while they were tormented by a nephew in a kayak.

It was a good day.  Tiffany flipped a kayak coming out to join us and then we went later again and I flipped – it just wouldn’t be kayaking if you didn’t get your hair wet once.

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