Jul 212009

We went shopping on the 21st for some new hiking boots for my nephew. He’s in Cub Scouts and is a Webelos II and should have a need for some good boots and socks.

I’m used to being able to pick between REI, Adventure 16, Sport Chalet, and others for selection price and knowledgeable sales staff.  So I figured that since we’re in one of the most outdoor-inclined states that the task would be simple – just go to Dicks (about like a Sport Chalet) and start the task from there.  Wrong.  Both selection and knowledge was lacking and no recommendation as to where to look.  LL Bean would have been a good bet if we weren’t 200 miles North of Freeport – outside of Freeport, Bean only has outlets, impressive outlets, but without a full Boot Department.

The guy at Foot Locker recommended Epic Sports in Bangor.  On a lark we found some Columbia’s that fit the bill on clearance at Olympia Sports.  Being both an outdoor wonk and a business wonk, in no situation should Olympia out-do Dicks in this area, but that’s just my opinion.  We did wind up visiting Epic after the purchase and found it very Adventure 16-ish (a compliment in my opinion).

There is an market up here that isn’t being serviced very well and I’m cogitating upon the subject.

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