Jul 182009

Hey Everyone! I continue to be remiss in my blogging. We’re now a week into the trip and enjoying life.

Day 1 was an adventure in itself. We were in line so long at LAX that the cut-off for checked luggage happened in between my golf clubs and the clothing which required a supervisor to approve (taking another ten minutes), or we could re-book the flight. We got the luggage checked finally and did an OJ through the airport (think Hertz rather than Ginsu) and were the last to board the plane. The Avis bus was almost at capacity by the time we got out of the airport in Boston. Sean kept doing laps between Tiffany and I and was really excited to be on a bus. We had about a two hour drive to the Fairfield Inn in Manchester, NH and thus ends the first day.

The second day was going to originally be a golf day for me and Tiffany was going to see other baby wearers in Dover, NH. I have a muscle in spasm or something in my lower back, so I didn’t golf and went with Tiffany. The meeting migrated to a local pizzaria and the kids did laps through the pizza place. That afternoon we meandered over to Nashua, NH which has been on the list of best places to live a few times and has piqued our interest. We had dinner at an Irish pub called Then Fiddler’s Daughter. Good food, good service, good location and the best kethup on the planet.


Day three had us out of NH and in to Southern Maine.  We stopped by a store called Butterfly Baby in Portland and then to Whole Foods, also in Portland.  From ther we headed to Belfast and the Belfast Harbor Inn.  We first went to Belfast last year so Tiffany could go to The Green Store and we went this time for the Celtic Festival happening the next day.  We ate at the Dockside restaurant – excellent food and quite kid tollerent.  We spent a couple hours in the harbor area until it started getting a little chilly.  They have a great skate park in Belfast though.  In the harbor parking lot with the water as a back drop and featuring a half pipe that was about 8 feet, or so, deep.


Day four started with the Celtic Festival parade. and we set off for Acadia National Park.  We did a quick naturn walk type hike on the Ship Harbor Nature Trail.  It was nice and easy for the kids.


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