Jul 202009

On day 7/20 (day 6) we hit Baxter State Park – home of Mount Katahdin – for an easy (if a little long) hike for the kids.  Both Shannon and Sean went as well as our nephew. 

John & Tiffany at the trail head

Some of the hike was on the Appalachian Trail and took us by Grassy Pond, Tracy Pond, and Elbow Pond. The hike was 3.7 miles and took about three  hours.

The trip had numerous water crossings – this is the first, the outlet for Grassy Pond.

When going on a hike, even a short one, it is important to take trail food to keep up your energy,

 keep yourself well hydrated,

and it doesn’t hurt to have a good day pack to keep everything in.

There is a wide variety of flora on this hike.  In school, Tiffany did a science fair project where she collected a bunch of different mosses and identified them (I think she said she tied for first).  Can anyone identify this mushroom?

It is nice to be able to take a nap when you get tired and yet still keep moving…

As I said, there were several water crossings.  This one was probably 200 yards long and was interesting on these little balance beams.

You know…. these are the best times with our kids and I cherish the time to spend with them before it becomes unfashionable to spend time with dad.

John & Shannon

It tells me I’m doing something right if they’re still smiling at the end.


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