Apr 262009

Here we are at that time of year again – planning our annual trip to Maine!

Actually, I’m REALLY late on this considering the stuff I want to do.  We’re going earlier this year – July instead of August.

On the agenda is a motorcycle ride from Augusta, to Quebec, across Maine to New Brunswick, and down the coast to Machias or Bar Harbor and then back to Augusta.  I’m thinking three to four days – it could be shorter, but we have things that happen along the way.  We’ll be stopping and taking the Katahdin on Moosehead lake, having blueberry pie at Helens in Machias, probably having lobster in Bar Harbor, possibly taking the cat ferry to Nova Scotia, and taking a lot of pictures along the way.  I have several friends who have expressed interest in doing the ride with me, but with only three months for a heads-up, I might be solo.  This is the route I’m looking at:


Also looking at climbing Mount Katahdin – had a friend interested in this one as well and I’ll bet a dollar that I can get him to go on a canoe ride with me as well.

My wife wants to find the perfect lobster roll (think lobster hot-dog).  I’ll give that a shot.  Last year we found this cool place on the coast that was popular with the kayakers and I’m sure we’ll pay them another visit.

I have a tradition of playing golf at Jato Highlands, so that is a must-do event.

Finally, looking at buying some real estate up there, but I’m uncommitted.  We’ll look at the stuff we find online to get a better feel than we get from 3000 or so miles away.

Anyone else want to go?  Lets make it a party!

– John

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